The Analographer is a blog dedicated to those who want to experience all the joys of analogue photography! The blog was originally set up as a place where words and thoughts could be captured and favourite images could be shared. It is far from professional and it is by no means the intention of the writer to show off photography skills, since he is only a playful, experimenting amateur who has little knowledge of what he is doing. However, the writer enjoys his playful experiments so much that he needes a vent for the many pictures, ideas and opinions that he has. He has found the vent in his second identity – The Analographer.

All pictures posted on this site are unedited, straight from the negative to the hard disk to the blog! This is a blog about analogue photography, so there is no digital messing around, colour correcting or sharpening. Apart from the digital scanner that is used, all work is true analogue.

Join The Analographer in a journey without goal, picking up many analogue treasures on the way.


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