Red Lake and Ho Chi Ha!

One of the coolest things about film fotography is the selection of film. There is just so much to choose from. One kind of film that I have had my eyes on for a while now is redscale film. This is a kind of film that dies the pictures in colours ranging from black to red to orange to yellow to white. Actually it is just regular colour negative film exposed from the “wrong” side. Hence, it is possible to create this kind of film yourself, without buying pre-made redscale film. Just get CN film and turn it all around.

The pictures that I produced with this roll of film are actually square. I shot them on a medium format Diana. However, my scanner does not support medium format. I wanted to see the results anyway, so I let my scanner crop the images to 35mm-size. But enough with the techicalities! It is all about the end result and I love it!


This is just my friends playing some regular old Ho-Chi-Ha. Good times. I am not quite sure about the rules but involves a lot of shouting “HO!” or “CHI!” or “HA!”, with everyone taking turns and making quick movements. It is actually interesting to see a still version of the game in this picture. One can only imagine how this would have turned out had I pressed the shutter a split-second later.


This is Christoph. He is wearing a hat and is cuddled into a blanket, because it is actually around 7 in the morning some time in early march. We went to a lake to see the sunrise and I took a handful of digital landscape shots. The analogue shots were more of a social thing, with people in the pictures. The Diana’s lens is not very wide, so I chose to do the landscape digitally and the fun and friends with the Diana.

In today’s last picture one can observe one of the greatest reasons to shoot film. I have written about this in earlier blog entries, and I think I will keep on mentioning it every time it happens: accidental multiple exposure (MX)! Actually I just noticed, this is an extremely rare case of ACCIDENTAL TRIPLE EXPOSURE! I was already blown away by this fortunate incident, until I noticed my mouth in Ole’s (left) silhouette. This multiple exposure things never lets me down. I should do more purposeful MX shots, (actually, I have something planned) because I am blown away every single time.

Before I get lost in these technicalities again, look at how beautiful Pia is in this picture. I will happily look at this picture just because of her and forget all about the multiple exposure incident.



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