Going cross

Happy new year dear readers and followers! It has been quite a while since my last post, and I shall try to make it all happen more frequently again, like when I got started with this blog. So much has been going on and time is always hard to find. But one of the motivations for writing this blog is to get me shooting more frequently and to push my boundaries, so I will try to improve!

Today I finally got to scan a roll of film that I had been wanting to scan for ages. There was an issue with the scanning software I use, but it is all up and running again. Actually, for this roll of film I did something that I had never done before. It is a roll of slide film and I had it developed in the chemicals for colour negative film. This process is called cross-processing or X-Pro. The results are usually hard to anticipate, colours go wild and contrasts shoot up. So it is a very kind of experimental and daring way of developing photos, but I am always in for surprises!


Lomo X-Pro 200, Lomo La Sardina

The picture above is one of my favourites that I shot on this roll. It is a tree right outside of the place I live. Every year in autumn it turns pure yellow. This was shot a little early in the year, when the leaves were still partly green. When the sun shines at the yellow leaves of the tree, my whole kitchen lights up magically. It is truly a memorable phenonenon that I can enjoy again and again. When I shot it, I originally had in mind to document the colours of the leaves, but I am actually much more fond of the turquoise sky! I am unsure as to how close the colour of the leaves in the picture matches their real colour. Certainly, the whole picture has something very surreal to it and the X-Pro is the main reason.

Next up is a shot I took in Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, London. Every year there is an art pavillion that can be seen for free, as a part of the Serpentine Galleries. In 2013, the pavillion was made by Sou Fujimoto. The outside is a grid-like construct that I don’t really know how to explain. Maybe take a look below or here. Inside there is a little terrace area and a bar for coffe and refreshing drinks. There are even steps inside and a little path on glass tiles. A truly beautiful and unique place. One thing I particularly like about this picture is the weather. It was still lit by sunlight when I took the shot, but dark clouds were getting dangerously close, which made for a nice contrast. Luckily I did not get too wet though.

Lomo X-Pro 200, Lomo La Sardina

Lomo X-Pro 200, Lomo La Sardina

Today’s last shot links to the first shot, since its primary purpose was to capture the autumn leaves. I am very satisfied with the results. Although the trees are fairly far away, the leaves do burn in a strong orange. The X-Pro really did a nice job here, since the colours are all slightly exaggerated. It gives everything a bit more pop and saturation. Another little thing I like is the three colours in the water. It goes from nearly black on the bottom edge to a soft kind of blue which fades into orange. I could just look at those colour shifts for ages.

Lomo X-Pro 200, Lomo La Sardina

Lomo X-Pro 200, Lomo La Sardina


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