Through the Eye of the Fish

If you have been following this blog thoroughly, you will have noticed that I thoroughly enjoy the possibilities of using cameras with wide angle lenses. Well, today is another day in which my ultra-wide angle greed is satisfied. Read on below the shot!


Lomo Fisheye One, 10mm, f/8, 1/100 sec, film unknown 35mm

Let me introduce you to my friend Butterfly. I was able to convince her of showing her beautiful wings especially for you. She is a bit shy and does not want to be recognised. What better way to capture almost her entire colourful wingspan than with my 170° camera that I happened to be carrying with me? Any smaller angle would have been unfortunate in this rare instance of wildlife photography.

One other thing that is unfortunate today is the weather. Regular readers will know I am posting from the Netherlands, a country one does not live in for the good weather. In this very moment of writing, a heavy storm is raging outside. The trees are being blown to the ground as if they were praying obediently to the weathergods to make it stop. In memory of nicer weather I had to think of this picture I took last April, shot on the first day of the year that was warm enough to enjoy the warm sunshine on my skin. The sun was already fairly low, but still warm enough to get the melatonin in my skin dancing. Just looking at the picture makes me feel warmer.


Lomo Fisheye One, 10mm, f/8, 1/100 sec, film unknown 35mm


2 responses to “Through the Eye of the Fish

  1. I greatly admire your expertise with the wide angle lens. For some reason, it’s always scared me to the point of not even being an option. It’s just so bizarre and challenging… or so I think. But when I read about your love for the wide angle, I think maybe it’s not challenging at all. Maybe it’s actually a FREEING experience.

    • Thanks! I don’t think that I have any special expertise on wide angle lenses, but I often feel like I am missing valuable information at too long focal lengths. In wide, the world is better represented as I see it. I would see it more as a challenge to constrain myself with narrower angles! But I guess that is a personal thing.

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