One Place, Three Worlds

When a photograph is taken, there are so many variables that affect the final picture. It is impossible to keep them all in mind and as a result some wicked things can happen. Today I am presenting one more example of this favourite phenomenon of mine. Click the picture for a wider view.

Aperture f/sunny, Lomo X-Pro 200, 25mm

Lomo Spinner 360°, aperture: sunny, Lomo X-Pro 200, 25mm

What I want you to do is the following: Notice the diagonal line in the middle of the picture and cover either the left or the right half of it with your hand or anything else. What do you see?

I was standing on a bridge and held the camera right above the egde. The resulting line of the edge perfectly matches up with the corner of a building, creating a natural border that has a dividing function in this picture. To the left (and please forgive the lab for creating that black hole), the bridge is blocking most of the canal so that at first glance it does not appear as if shot above water. However, on the right hand side the canal is very present, yet again it is not obvious that I am standing on a bridge. This whole bridge thing really only emerges when the complete picture is seen and both parts are combined. In the end, there are three ways of looking at the picture and each perspective has its own personal character. Both sides differ so much in terms of their colours and contrasts, that it would seem far fetched to combine these two halves and arrive at the conclusion that they are part of the same picture.

Which of the three perspectives do you like most?


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