Countryside Peace

I am an absolute fan of intense colours. I am almost always satisfied with a picture when the colours are extravagant and surprising – regardless of picture content. But sometimes less is more – like in black and white photography.

I am really no expert on black and white. I have shot two rolls of b/w in my life. However, one does not need to be an expert to recognise the uniqueness and romance that can be achieved with this kind of film (or software setting, if you will).

22mm, ISO 100, 1/100sec, f/8

22mm, 1/100sec, f/8, Lomo Lady Grey 400

The picture above was shot in Wales, at my great uncle’s house. This is so remote, a couple of years ago there was not even a road leading to it. It is cozily furnished and has everything one might be looking for in a typical countryside house. There are cats inside and horses, sheep and fowl outside. Of course, vegetables are grown in front of the house. It is such a peaceful place away from roads, other buildings and people. As someone who has always lived in cities, the quiet atmosphere experienced in this special place is very strange but calming. I think that this atmosphere is very well documented through the black and white effect. Since the element of colour is missing, there is more space for imagination of how it really looks like. Maybe one can compare this to a book in which a place is described, but one has to imagine it to be able to see it. This imagination can make a place more special than it was actually described. In black and white photography, we are closer to visually describing a place than in text, but still further away than in colour photography, and maybe this lack of knowledge adds some romance.


22mm, 1/100sec, f/8, Lomo Lady Grey 400

This picture was shot in England’s Peak District during a day trip in the hills. We had a break at this spot, where we could watch some hanggliders enjoy the winds. It is one of my favourite shots ever. I know I will look at it in decades and happily remember this time of life and especially the trip with my family. This is why I actually started shooting film anyway. To have memories of earlier times that I can explore on comfortable sundays (I already wrote about Analogue Memories earlier!!).

Again, I like the black and white effect here, since I think it makes the picture more romantic. I do not own b/w film at the moment, but writing this makes me want to get some more desperately!


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