Lights of the Night

For quite some time now, I have wanted to feature a blog entry about night time long exposures. It is not so long ago that I took my first nighttime shots ever. My roommate has a tripod and we thought it might be nice to use it for some long shots. On a first trip we only took pictures digitally to see which camera settings work best. I did not want to waste film by guessing and experimenting, so I thought some digital shots would be a nice way to find out what to do later on with an analogue camera. I am glad that we did this, because some shots were completely messed up and who knows what would have happened without previous practice sessions? Two pictures that I like can be found below.

22mm, f/8, 8sec, 200 ISO

22mm, f/8, about 8 sec, 200 ISO, colour slide film

This is one of three pictures that I took of the Grand Theatre in Groningen, Netherlands. I knew if I only took one, I might be disappointed. Luckily I took three, since this is the third try and I am not satisfied with the other two for exposure and colour reasons. In analogue bulb mode, it’s all guesstimation. However, I am quite pleased with this one, as it is my first analogue night time shot that ever turned out nicely. I had also been eager to get the Grand Theatre on film at night for quite a while. It has such a classic look that I thought would be nice on film.

Next up is a typical traffic long exposure with car stripes. What I like most about the picture below is how the wet street enhances the lights. Also, the light on the far left of the picture shows a strange reflection. I have never encountered this weird beam of light on earlier pictures. There always seems to be room for new surprises.

The two goals of the night time trip were to successfully capture the Grand Theatre and to successfully capture the lights of moving cars. With regard to these goals: Success! However, I think that I should definitely try to experiment more with light paintings and more crowded traffic situations, but for the first try, I am quite happy with the results. Tell me what you think!

22mm, f/8, about 10s, ISO 200, colour slide film

22mm, f/8, about 10s, ISO 200, colour slide film


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